As we have so much interest shown about IASRE Japan, we will now give you all the info about it, so you can start with registrations.

•Booth size is 3x3m (9m2).
You can choose to book one or two booths. Price of one booth box is 1150€/¥150,000 for 2 days.
For our overseas exhibitors, we decided to go with a special offer.

-10% for 1 box (900€ for 2 days)

-40% for 2 boxes (1200€ for 2 days).

Price for a chair/day is 5€, and table is 25€/day.

•For now we have only found official translators that are extremely expensive, but we are in a search of a much cheaper students who could do that job. That is what I know for english language. I expect more difficult situation with other languages, but we will do our best to do it as cheap as possible for all of us.           Price of the official “court” translators is 520€/day.

•We have found a very nice **** hotel and have reserved some rooms for the expo. If needed we will take more rooms.Price for a single room is 80€/night, and double bed bedroom is 110€/night.

Hotel is located 15 min drive away from the Osaka expo hall, and we will find a solution to get all our guests to the expo and back during the day.


For all the questions that you might have, please do not hesitate to call or contact any of us

Mr. Hiroshi Fujii,   info@dent-shop.com

Mr. Igor Koronić,   igor@pdr.hr


Tech-Trading Ltd.,Co.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Otori Branch (180)

Account number:      1916555

Swift code:                SMBCJPJT

Confirmation of the money transfer, send together with a registration form to this email adress:


Registration form is a PDF file that you need to print out, fill in your data, scan and send…

Hotel Reservation form: